Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kicking off...

This is a long postponed project. My primary inertia in letting this take virtual form has been to do with choice. Yes, choice. That long villified corollary, nee fundamental of the consumptive world. Translated into English, that means, what should I write about?

1. My virtual dog?
2. The travails of ethnography?
3. Angst and pain as a 'native' informant?
4. The lack of alphonso mangoes in the Indian market?
5. What I cooked for lunch today?

Coming back to the agenda, next step, pare down.

1. (1) and (4) can come under a journal/rant blog
2. (2) and (3) of course, classify as professional to the extent that an underpaid, overthought doctoral dissertation can be considered such
3. (5) would most definitely be culinary and my efforts are too sparse, often inconsistent and marginally inarticulable to contemplate one

So the Buddha's middle-path, No.2 it is....
And now the fine, third step in the polish, tag and sell stage....

1. What is it that needs to be recorded and written about on a weekly if not daily basis?
(a) field-notes are ranty and often boring and self-indulgent
(b) positionality is a mess
(c) media?

Hmm.... (drumroll)
(C) it is, because...

(a) material comes up faster than I can keep track
(b) it fuels further vaccilations and pushes my own material
(c) sound and picture!
and a hidden (d): you can't judge me, none of it is mine! neener neener!

So this then, my patient readers will be a blog about other people, specifically other people who have written, discussed, ranted about, celebrated, and participated in any manner that I find interesting in the phenomenon called outsourcing in India or related to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in India.

...Not having so much fun now, are we?

What I would appreciate should you stay however are:
(a) Reactions in as civilized and 'constructive' a manner as possible.
(b) Links to other related stories and writings.
(c) Random paens to my genius and articulatation.

More soon...

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